Boxlight Unveils the MimioClarity Classroom Audio Distribution System at ISTE 2019

Innovation continues as Boxlight Expands its Full Classroom Technology Offerings


Lawrenceville, GA, June 20, 2019 – Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL), with its longstanding history of being the first to introduce the latest technology and tools teachers and students need to enable engaging learning environments, is once again leading the way with the debut of MimioClarity at ISTE 2019 Conference & Expo, being held June 23-26 in Philadelphia.
What is sure to become the best-in-class classroom audio distribution system in the market, Boxlight developed this system with teachers and students in mind.
“Many teachers struggle to be heard in large, noisy classrooms, leading to voice strain or fatigue for them, and disengagement for their students,” said Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight. “Our goal at Boxlight is to constantly deliver exceptional solutions that support teaching and learning through our full suite of integrated education technology products. I think educators will agree – we’ve done that with the launch of MimioClarity.”
With MimioClarity, the teacher’s voice is captured by a light-weight wireless microphone worn on a lanyard. Students will have a pass-around handheld microphone, both microphones come with a long, 10-hour battery life. The multichannel 60-watt amplifier is the microphones’ receiver and can connect to up to four microphones simultaneously. Additional inputs allow for multiple, multi-media integrations, and networked connectivity permits utilizing a school’s existing networked audio resources. Optional WIFI and Bluetooth dongles are available for wireless network, USB for software control, and Bluetooth for audio pairing.
The system, which will begin shipping in July, includes either a two-speaker or four-speaker configuration. It is designed to deliver sound proportionally for students not only in the front of the classroom but seated in the back, while amplified front-of-classroom audio will also no longer be carried into adjacent classrooms. This means teachers will now be able to use a quieter, more conversational tone instead of trying to amplify the audio unevenly throughout the room. Additional audio sources such as Boxlight’s ProColor Interactive Panels, external teacher computers, video sources, and mobile devices will also be distributed with the MimioClarity classroom audio system.
“Unfortunately, not every classroom is acoustically efficient and not every child has normal hearing,” said Hank Nance, Boxlight’s Chief Operating Officer. “However, learning is noticeably enhanced when each child receives clear, intelligible instruction throughout the day, regardless of class size, background noise, seat location, or if the child has a mild hearing loss. That’s why our audio system exceeds standards for new construction and refurbishment projects, and why the federal government passed the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides funding support for such solutions.”
At its debut, MimioClarity differs from other classroom audio products in the market by utilizing Boxlight’s Connected Classroom technology allowing each microphone the ability to work only within the same room as the amplifier.
Along with Boxlight’s integrated classroom approach, the teacher microphone has two programmable buttons that allow direct interaction with the classroom’s computer to control the MimioStudio™ classroom software, Microsoft Office, Google Classroom, and other front-of-class software. Additional MimioStudio integrations will include the mute feature within the software and an activation of MimioStudio’s accessory version.
“The largest differentiator of MimioClarity is the unparalleled quality of sound,” concluded Elliott. “Every student will have the acoustical advantage associated with sitting in the front row. The better they hear what’s being said, the better they learn, and MimioClarity makes that possible.”
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