Students using Apps for the classroom on an interactive screen while the teacher helps

Apps for the classroom

The future of learning is now at your fingertips. Imagine being able to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom with quick access to a collection of educational apps designed to make teaching easier and learning more fun.

Increase Student Engagement!

It's easy to hold student's attention when there's something new on the screen. We've developed educational apps that hold student's attention and increase participation.  


MimioStudio™ educational software allows teachers to create interactive lessons and collaborative activities, and perform real-time formative assessment. The software opens other IWB activities, enabling educators to use the interactive content they already have. MimioStudio is the perfect software solution for educators interested in or currently using the MimioView Document Camera, MimioPad™ Wireless Tablet, or MimioMobile™ collaboration app.

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Laptop showing mimio studio with a class in the back ground and 'mimio' in the bottom right corner
a group of students using the Mimio Mobile App and 'mimio' in the bottom right corner

MimioMobile App

Use MimioMobile with MimioStudio to facilitate collaboration and help students build their knowledge across all curricular areas. Whether it’s two students working together or many more, collaboration helps students develop communication and critical thinking skills. These skills are essential for their future success.

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Blended Learning Platform

MimioConnect® combines innovative lesson building and instructional tools to create active learning from anywhere. Teachers can deliver content by enhancing their existing lessons with videos, animations, questions, and more. Students can view and interact with content from home.

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a mobile phone, laptop, tablet and desktop demonstrating mimio connect2


Annotate, Collaborate, Present, and Poll

OKTOPUS software allows you to annotate or work over the top of any software application.

​​​​​​​Enhance your existing lessons with interactive teaching tools, polling, and collaboration. Available in 42 languages and compatible with Windows and Mac. OKTOPUS gives everyone the flexibility to use the application, content, and resource of their choice.

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Access over 200 safe, educational apps that support Common Core State Standards. Choose from Coding to Math, Literacy and Science, as well as games and stories. Available with the ProColor 3 and MimioPro 4 Series interactive displays.

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Teacher demonstrating Mimio market on MimioPro 4 Series interactive display
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Atlanta Public Schools: One School District’s 21st Century Classroom Transformation

Huge Georgia school district effectively brings its classrooms into the 21st century by installing Boxlight interactive flat panels, instructional software, document cameras, slates, sound systems, pendant mics, and simultaneous display capability.

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