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Learn why our customers choose Boxlight solutions for their schools and businesses.

Boxlight offers a comprehensive yet robust portfolio of solutions including cutting-edge technology, STEM tools and resources, and professional development. Read why we continue to stand out in the technology market.

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Green.DNA - Clevertouch Technologies Global

Clevertouch Making Next-Level Technology Available for Green.DNA

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Mugoidwa Secondary School

Students in Rural Village Takes a Huge
Step into the Tech World

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Coleg Cambria

A Five-Year Investment of Exceptional
Clevertouch Technology

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Academies Enterprise Trust

Investing in World Class Technology

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Charlotte Dunning Elementary School

Adding a new dimension of engagement
with MimioTeach

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Granby Elementary School

MimioClassroom transforms a teacher and his students

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Union School

Expanding instruction to new heights with Mimio

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Haysville School District

MimioClassroom gives Haysville students every
opportunity to excel

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Jal Public Schools

Jal Public Schools is located in Lea County in rural southeastern New Mexico. The
district currently enrolls approximately 400 students in grades K-12.

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Billings Public Schools

In the Billings Public Schools (BPS) district, the largest district in the state of Montana,
each school can decide which interactive technology its teachers prefer to use

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Texas School District

Modernizing aging tech to innovate student learning environments

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Grupo Santillana

In 2012, Grupo Santillana, a leading education-publishing group in Spain and Latin America, launched its Santillana Compartir project to provide digital educational

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