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65” 4K | 75” 4K | 86” 4K

The perfect all-around solution for the modern classroom, featuring state-of-the-art micro antibacterial glass, integrated NFC for quick user profile loading and EDLA certification, giving you full access to the Google Play Store and Google Workspace directly from your screen.

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Make an impact in the classroom with IMPACT Lux. Innovation For Your World

Delivering an array of revolutionary new features:

  • Google Certified
  • Antibacterial Glass
  • Android 13
  • Palm Rejection
  • Super Wide Sound 
  • Dynamic Stylus with CleverInk
  • LYNX Whiteboard


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Google EDLA Certified Interactive Display

With the full Google Education License experience, your favorite Google apps are preloaded and available directly from your display.


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Antibacterial Glass

IMPACT Lux is equipped with state-of-the-art micro antibacterial glass. This helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic classroom environment by reducing the presence of germs on the screen surface. The antibacterial properties of the glass contribute to a healthier teaching and learning environment, particularly in shared spaces where multiple students interact with the display.

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50 Touch Points

IMPACT Lux by Clevertouch offers an impressive 50 touch points, allowing multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously. This feature promotes collaborative learning and encourages student engagement by enabling multiple students to work together on the screen at the same time. Whether it's group projects, interactive activities, or brainstorming sessions, the 50 touch points ensure that everyone's input can be captured and displayed in real-time.

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Super Wide Sound

With its integrated audio capabilities, the display eliminates the need for additional soundbars or external speakers. IMPACT Lux is equipped with a 2 x 20W front-facing speaker system, ensuring powerful and clear audio output. This setup provides a wide soundstage, allowing students to hear audio content from various positions in the classroom. The addition of 2 x 10W subwoofers add depth and richness to the audio.

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Experience realistic writing with CleverInk technology on IMPACT Lux. Write, erase, scroll, and comment seamlessly without switching modes. Boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration with this intuitive solution for interactive displays.

IMPACT Lux wins 'Best in Show'

Clevertouch is proud to be awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the annual ISTE Conference for the new IMPACT Lux. We have been honored to receive many awards over the years, and this latest award recognizes the passion, energy and vision of everyone at Clevertouch. Our goal is to deliver best-in-class collaboration solutions to schools, colleges, and universities across the world.

Software included with no subscription fees

CleverLive is an innovative cloud-based digital signage content management platform that seamlessly links your products. 

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LYNX Whiteboard
Create dynamic lessons and activities with LYNX Whiteboard. Hundreds of pre-made STEM activities and unlimited access to multimedia resources.

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We have partnered with leading MDM specialists, Radix Technologies, to consolidate all of your organization's displays into one management system.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our Interactive Display products are award-winning solutions that increase engagement and learning.

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