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This online teacher training consists of short videos providing detailed information on a specific aspect of Boxlight educational technology. 

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From object cloning to adding content to your lessons, these tutorials will get a teacher up and running easily and quickly. If you have five minutes and need a refresher or want to learn something new, take a look!


MimioConnect – Presenting to Guests thumbnail
MimioConnect – Upload Lesson Material thumbnail
MimioConnect – Import Students Using CSV thumbnail
MimioConnect – Add Sorting Activity thumbnail
MimioConnect – Add Question Types thumbnail
MimioConnect – Navigate the Dashboard thumbnail
MimioConnect – Lesson Search thumbnail
MimioConnect – Lesson Preview thumbnail
MimioConnect – Edit a Lesson thumbnail
MimioConnect – Drag and Drop Activity thumbnail
MimioConnect – Create a Class thumbnail
MimioConnect – Assign a Lesson thumbnail

MimioPro 4 Tutorials

MimioPro 4 – Introduction thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Getting Started thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Organizing Files and Cloud Storage thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Customize your Toolbar thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Save and Share Your Notes thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Explore New Features in Note thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Using the Opera Browser in Your Classroom thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Download and Install Cleverstore Apps thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Exploring User Profiles thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Access Files in Cloud Storage thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Adjust Security Settings thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Access Online Training and MyStemKits thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Engage Your Students with AirClass thumbnail
MimioPro 4 – Record Your Lessons on the MimioPro 4 thumbnail

ProColor Series 3

ProColor 3 - Getting started with your ProColor thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Explore the New Opera Browser and Annotation Features thumbnail
ProColor 3 - How to Download Apps to ProColor with Cleverstore thumbnail
ProColor 3 - How to Install the August 2022 Firmware Update thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Use MimioMessage with the ProColor 3 thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using the Finder thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Connecting external devices thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using the sidebar tools thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Sharing content with Unplug'd thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using the PC Module thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using the Note application thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Teaching with Chrome thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Getting started with MimioStudio thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Sample lesson demonstration – elementary level thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Sample lesson demonstration – secondary level thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Hybrid teaching with the ProColor3 thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Exploring the ProColor3 homescreen thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Cloud connection and security thumbnail
ProColor 3 - New features in Note thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Operating the ProColor mobile stand thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using Microsoft 365 apps with ProColor 3 thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using Microsoft Teams with ProColor3 thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Downloading software with MimioMarket thumbnail

Set-up Tutorials

MimioTeach Installation Guide thumbnail

MimioStudio Basics Tutorials

Using page view options thumbnail
Using the notebook trashcan thumbnail
Using MimioStudio thumbnail

MimioMobile Tutorials

MimioMobile – Setting Up thumbnail
MimioMobile – Using the App thumbnail
MimioMobile – Connecting the Teacher thumbnail
MimioMobile – Connecting Students thumbnail
MimioMobile – Shortcuts thumbnail
MimioMobile – Control thumbnail
MimioStudio – Control thumbnail
MimioStudio – Collaborate thumbnail
MimioMobile – Quick Collaborate thumbnail
MimioVote - Assessment thumbnail

MimioStudio Toolbar Basics Tutorial

Using the toolbar (part 1) thumbnail
Using the toolbar (part 2) thumbnail
Recognize shapes thumbnail

Formatting Objects Tutorials

Animation thumbnail
Grouping thumbnail
Ordering thumbnail
Locking thumbnail
Transparency thumbnail
Hyperlinking thumbnail
Cloning thumbnail
Action settings thumbnail
Alignment​ thumbnail
Grid options and objects snapping thumbnail
Text editor​​​​​​​ thumbnail
Background and templates thumbnail

Gallery Tutorials

Searching the MimioStudio gallery thumbnail
Sharing galleries thumbnail

Adding Content & Saving Tutorials

MimioStudio Activity Wizard​​​ thumbnail
Inserting files into MimioStudio Notebook thumbnail
Screen clipping​​​​​​​ thumbnail
File attachments thumbnail
File saving format options thumbnail

Presenting Lessons

Screen Annotations thumbnail
Spotlight and reveal applications thumbnail
Page transitions thumbnail

Advanced Topics Tutorials

Recognize text thumbnail
Text tools thumbnail
MimioStudio recorder thumbnail

MimioStudio Gradebook Tutorials

The Basics thumbnail
Import and Export Features thumbnail
Generating reports thumbnail

MimioVote Assessment

Using MimioVote assessment thumbnail
Quick vote thumbnail
Text question templates thumbnail
Universal question templates thumbnail
Result objects thumbnail
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Our Short Training Recordings provide online professional development for teachers, giving them the skills to successfully integrate technology into their curriculum.

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