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Powered by FrontRow ELEVATE

Decades of research prove the benefits of classroom audio—improvement in phonemic development, comprehension, student behavior, and engagement. UNITY is powered by ELEVATE, the latest technology for highly intelligible classroom audio. When paired with other Boxlight solutions, UNITY unlocks unparalleled student engagement for in-person and online learners.

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Be heard as you like

With the ELEVATE-powered Action! Teacher Microphone, teachers can speak normally, eliminating vocal fatigue, and control instructional devices anywhere in the room. FrontRow’s portfolio of built-in smart technologies—OptiVoice+, PrivaSee, Solo, PrioriTeach+, and Adapto+—ensures teachers are heard when they want.

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Effortless control

Create a seamless flow of instruction with UNITY. Switch effortlessly between tasks, lessons, and devices with control buttons on the teacher's microphone or UNITY itself. For classrooms with Boxlight interactive panels, MyFrontRow app can be used to control the UNITY system and instructional technology in the classroom. Instructors love UNITY's ease of use and the next-level capabilities to empower their instruction. 

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Frontrow features


The “action buttons” on Unity Teach and Action! Teacher Microphones are programmable and customizable to your school’s needs. The options are endless.


The Adapto™ digital signal processing platform makes FrontRow products perform better in the classroom by dramatically reducing interruptions from feedback. Our next-generation Adapto digital signal processing engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts. That makes for a calmer teaching environment and lets instructors move freely about the room without fear of harsh feedback outbursts.

ALD Ready

Sound inclusion is in FrontRow’s DNA. All FrontRow systems are assistive listening device-ready to support students with hearing issues.


ELEVATE-only feature auto-levels sound output, so teacher don't need to fuss over making sure the microphone is placed correctly.


Connect UNITY to your computer to enable online learning using video conferencing solutions like Zoom®, Microsoft Teams®, Google Meet® and more.


Our smart technology that enhances soft consonants, so sound is much more intelligible for learners click here.


Automatically lowers the volume of audio sources when a teacher speaks.


ELEVATE-only feature that automatically turns off the Action! Teacher Microphone when a teachers step out of the classroom, so hallway conversations—and any sounds outside the classroom—stay outside the classroom!


ELEVATE-only feature that mutes all audio sources but the teacher at a push of a button.

Access and equity for all learners

Supporting young learners with hearing issues is in FrontRow's DNA, thanks to its original founder, Speech-Language Pathologist​ Ruth Holden, who began the original company in 1963.

UNITY continues the tradition of ensuring equality and access for all learners, including English language learners and those with hearing issues. Like all FrontRow systems, UNITY is assistive listening device-ready.

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Revolutionize school communication

UNITY Campus goes beyond instruction to unify an entire school. When used with FrontRow Conductor, UNITY CAMPUS facilitates bells, paging, intercom, and public announcements. IT staff will find deploying and updating UNITY a breeze thanks to the FrontRow Rollout app.

Unity Control Buttons Vertical-Front Unity Control Buttons Vertical-Front Unity Control Buttons Horizontal Front Unity Control Buttons Horizontal Front

Compact Design. Total Flexibility.

UNITY arrives how you need it for your classrooms. Choose between either vertical or horizontal orientations at ordering. UNITY can be placed almost anywhere—mounted to a panel cart, mounted to a wall, or sat a flat surface such as desk or bookshelf.

Classroom to main office communication

Contacting the front office is only a touch away with intercom buttons on the UNITY Campus, Action! Teacher Microphone, or MyFrontRow app. UNITY Campus also comes with ClassLight, a beacon to visually indicate the system's status—such as an intercom being received by the office—and emergency alerts.

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School safety is paramount to ensure a positive learning environment

UNITY is the ultimate everyday instructional technology, ready to assist when an emergency occurs. If an unfortunate event strikes, teachers can rely on the technology they use daily to initiate an emergency notification.


Your Emergency Operations Plan

FrontRow Conductor is a powerful platform for campus-wide communications and networked device management. A simple button push on the FrontRow Conductor Admin Station or FrontRow Conductor app initiates an alert and automated actions per your emergency operations plan.

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Boxlight offers Attention!, an unprecedented capability for simultaneous audio and display messaging and alerting. Attention! is a native integration between FrontRow Conduct, CleverLive, Mimio and Clevertouch displays, and networked FrontRow audio system, including UNITY Campus.

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Alerts Buttons

In an emergency, teachers can easily rely on the technology they use daily to initiate an emergency notification. UNITY Campus offers multiple touchpoints to initiate an emergency notification with a simple button press, including alert buttons on UNITY Campus, Action! Teacher Microphone, or through the MyFrontRow App.

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Third-Party Integration

Conductor now integrates with CrisisGo’s emergency management platform for enhanced school safety and alerting.

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When it comes to safety, FrontRow systems are configurable to your school’s emergency operations plan.

Boxlight Powerful Pairings

UNITY + Boxlight Displays
+ MyClass

Experience the best in classroom audio, student engagement, access and equity, and instruction creation and delivery.

UNITY Campus + Conductor

All the benefits of UNITY plus the campus IP-based communication bells, paging, intercom, public announcements, and alerting.

UNITY Campus + Conductor + Attention!

The premier solution for classrooms and schools. All the benefits of UNITY Campus and FrontRow Conductor plus Attention! for AV alerting.

Upgrade at any time

Upgrade UNITY to UNITY Campus in just 2 minutes. Designed as a scalable & expandable solution, adding campus communication and safety features to the already feature-packed UNITY is simple and hassle-free.

UNITY to instruct

– Action! Mic
– Bravo! Mic
– FlipCharger
– Headworn Mic and Belt Clip
– PowerLine

UNITY Campus to instruct, announce, and alert

– Action! Mic
– Bravo! Mic
– FlipCharger
– Headworn Mic and Belt Clip
– PowerLine
– ClassLight

Fully capable, expandable, and scalable to meet current and future needs







Mic Charge


USB Audo

Line In 2

Line In 1

Line Out

ALD Level


Powerful Power options


PowerLine simplifies your classroom AV retrofit project, reducing schedule complexity and saving money by eliminating the need for a separate electrical contractor to install outlets in the ceiling or wall. No need to buy POE injectors or upgrade your electrical panels. Simply plug PowerLine into an existing outlet and connect the Cat5e cable to UNITY.

PoE+ or PoE++

Unity is always networked and the only system to support full-time or backup PoE+ or PoE++ for complete system functionality, ClassLight, and max volume. Available power management systems put IT in control of what is on or off within the system.

UNITY at a glance

Intercom. Need something?
Call the office.

2 new ports. Two powerful new ports (StreamLine and ZipLine) for future expansion.

Remote management. Remotely deploy scheduled firmware updates and configuration settings across entire districts.

Get help. Initiate from alert button on everyday instructional tech.

Security lock-down. Trigger your lock-down procedure swiftly and easily.

Classroom control. Control through Boxlight interactive display with the MyFrontRow app.

Campus communication. UNITY acts as your campus audio system when used with Conductor.

Bluetooth. Connect to play the media you need for your lesson.

PoEE+. UNITY is always networked and is the only system to support full time or backup PoE+ or PoE++ for complete system functionality.

Ready, set… action. The action buttons on UNITY and the teacher mic are programmable for your school's needs.

Audio. Bring in all your audio sources for even sound distribution.

Power from anywhere. Built-in PowerLine means you can drive UNITY from any existing outlet in the room, up to 100ft away.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our Classroom Sound System products are award-winning solutions that increase engagement and learning.
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