student using an app from the CleverStore with purple banner saying 'mimio by boxlight' at the bottom


Imagine the possibilities of having access to hundreds of apps for education available on your interactive display at no additional cost!

Increase Student Engagement 

New Exciting Content

It's easy to hold students' attention when there's something new on the screen. We've hand-picked apps from educational app developers that support Common Core State Standards in the US and the National Curriculum in the UK.

an example of Classroom Apps content on Mimio Market
Student using CleverStore educational apps on a MimioPro 4 Interactive Display
Everything You Need

Apps For Everyone

CleverStore has apps for just about every subject and grade level. Whether your students need help with coding, math or literacy skills; there's something here to keep them engaged and learning!

A Large Variety of Languages

Dual Language

Not only are most of our apps available in a variety of languages, but some also support dual language, allowing you to teach languages such as French, Spanish, and German as you go along.

Student using an app from mimio market to learn another language
Students using an app from mimio market to learn to read
A Store You Can Trust

Safe for the Classroom

Our App Team checks every app that's submitted to the store. There are three rules: no advertisements, no in-app purchases, and no inappropriate content. We want to enable teachers to download apps as a lesson progresses, so we've designed CleverStore to ensure the apps are suitable for the classroom.

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