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Create continuous and seamless learning experiences from anywhere.

MimioConnect® combines innovative lesson building and instructional tools to create an active learning environment. 

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Create Meaningful Learning Experiences that Empower Every Student to Participate.

It is a challenge to keep students engaged and on task, especially when everyone cannot always be in the same room at the same time. MimioConnect is technology that empowers learning and helps educators effectively drive participation and collaboration in all settings. Teachers can deliver interactive content by enhancing their existing lessons with videos, animations, questions, and more. Students can view and interact with content inside and outside of the classroom, allowing remote students to collaborate with their classmates and access instructional materials. 

MimioConnect is the perfect solution for distance, flipped, or blended learning.

Engage students, enrich lessons, and enhance the learning process, both in and outside of the classroom. Our solution augments instruction, making it easier for teachers to teach, and students to learn.
Single Sign-On (SSO)

Sign in with a Google Classroom,  Microsoft, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, and more.

Use Your Favorite Lessons

Open and enhance existing lessons created in some of the most commonly used programs.

Tight Integration

Import classes, post lessons, and sync reporting with your learning management system (LMS).

Learning Games

Turn your activities into games that can be played independently or as a class. 

Classroom Control

Lock student screens and redirect the attention to the front of the room. See if students are off task.

Present, Connect, & Collaborate

Present lessons as students follow along on their own devices and share their work with the class.

Interactive Questions

Increase engagement with interactive questions Sorting, Drag & Drop, 
and more.

Lesson Library

Save time with over 10,000 premade lessons, PHet interactive math and science simulations, and activities.

Great features and benefits

Present collaborative activities from anywhere using audio and video tools.

Audio and video streaming ensures that every student can be seen and heard regardless of his or her location. Students can view and interact with content inside and outside of the classroom.

Having access to audio and video tools in MimioConnect means less programs for educators to learn, manage, and maintain. This means less time and money spent on training, so teachers can get back to what they do best – teach.

Teacher talking to the class using audio and video streaming

Product Features

Boost class engagement and confidence with features for all learners.

As lessons are presented live, students can follow along on their devices while in the classroom or from home. Foster connected and collaborative experiences by giving your students the opportunity to share their work with the class. Use instant polling to quickly assess understanding and adjust instruction as needed. MimioConnect has robust features to address different learning abilities and modalities. Even your most reticent learner will benefit from the variety of features including private messaging to nurture self-confidence and honor each student’s pace of learning.

student using mimio connect to follow the teachers slideshow on their own device

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our products are award-winning solutions that increase engagement and learning.

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Listen to the Education Leaders

Listen to our conversations with education leaders as they discuss how technology and the design of the learning environment impact student success and motivation.

Real stories. Real insights. Real leaders.


Equity and Access

We’ve got Darin Beamish, VP of Software Development at Boxlight to speak about Mimio Connect….. which has great features and tools to make learning engaging from anywhere.

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