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Schoolwide Communication Solution

Conductor is a powerful integrated IP-based platform for your school’s communication needs—from bells, paging, and intercom to emergency notification and response. Create bell schedules, automated announcements, and managing your school’s networked device and systems quickly and easily with Conductor.

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FrontRow Solution Module – Classroom Audio

Instruction is primarily verbal. Students in the front row have better academic performance because they hear the teacher and educational media clearly. Classroom audio systems are a proven solution to overcome invisible barriers to teaching and learning in the classroom. FrontRow systems give all students a front row seat by providing the best sound clarity and intelligibility that enhances student phonemic development and achievement.

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Audio Solutions & Instructional Communication Systems


ezRoom simplifies classroom management and enhances classroom communication. From voice amplification to AV control, this “everything but the display” solution seamlessly integrates all your classroom technology into a single, easy-to-use system

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NEW ezRoom Voice and Alert now features ELEVATE, FrontRow’s next-generation wireless technology for modern classrooms. ELEVATE works with any type of school build, offers superior audio clarity, and has effortless and stress-free controls for classroom technology.

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Our overwhelmingly popular Juno is a turnkey, all-in-one, classroom audio solution. Packed with smart technologies and built-in capabilities, Juno is the perfect solution to grow with your school’s evolving needs. Whether it’s in only a few classrooms to assist students with learning or hearing issues or in every classroom and integrated into an IP-based school communication system, Juno is packed with built-in smart technologies to meet your school’s needs. 

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ProDigital is FrontRow’s tried and true classroom audio distribution system. This long-lasting technology provides FrontRow’s the industry's best-in-class sound clarity that schools can rely on year after year.

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The small yet mighty Lyrik is a light, portable audio solution that gets instruction and media heard anywhere you need it—in the classroom or gymnasium, across the sports fields, and even online.

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Instructional Video Solutions

LessonCam is a high-definition PTZ camera designed for instruction and creates an immersive and dynamic learning experience for online learners. LessonCam seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing solutions like Zoom®, Google Meets®, Microsoft Teams®, and Skype® and is solely controlled by the teacher in the classroom.
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Listen to the Education Leaders

Listen to our conversations with education leaders as they discuss how technology and the design of the learning environment impact student success and motivation.

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Teaching Students With Hearing Challenges

TEACHING STUDENTS WITH HEARING CHALLENGES WHILE EASING STRAIN ON TEACHERS featuring Jaime Mendez of Boxlight's FRONT ROW which creates audio systems for classrooms, a product I have always admired.

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