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A Public Transport Company Adds Value to Its Meetings with Interactive Displays

Public transport company has chosen Clevertouch displays, creating value in its daily meetings and video conferences.

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The Challenge

As more and more companies were including interactive displays in their boardrooms and meeting rooms, Guagas Municipales (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) invested in Clevertouch interactive displays.

Before making a change, the company had a digital whiteboard that was hardly used, and a projector for sharing images during presentations.

“Between the time we turned on the projector, squared, focused, adjusted the light so that it could be seen well throughout the room, the connection of the laptop, etcetera, we wasted a lot of time,” stated Pablo García, purchasing manager at Guaguas Municipales.

Additional features of the Clevertouch interactive displays that enhance meeting, training, and working spaces include:

  • 4K high precision technology which offers optimal lag-free writing experiences.
  • Infinity whiteboarding capabilities allows users to jot notes without running out of space. All annotations can be saved, printed, and shared with colleagues and clients.
  • Sync with cloud accounts such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox so that work can be done from anywhere at any time.
  • Proximity sensors so that the display powers off when no one is detected in the room.
A group using mirroring to share the laptop screen with a large display

These experiences are not unique and the CRI Group, the official distributor for Clevertouch Technologies, helped the company realize that valuable time is wasted with connection set up, adjustments for projection of content from laptops, tablets, and other devices.

CRI Group helped Guages Municipales acquire Clevertouch interactive displays, distributed by Charmex AV Technology.

Dácil de La Guardia, Clevertouch Product Manager in the Canary Islands, facilitated a demonstration with García and the Guagas Municipales IT department, showing them all of the possibilities available with the Clevertouch interactive display. “When we saw the possibilities that Clevertouch had, the team confirmed that it was what we were looking for.

Without the presentation, we would not have seen (the display) the way we saw it,” commented García.

Key Solutions

Guages Municipales invested in both the Clevertouch UX Pro and IMPACT Plus interactive displays, installed by the CRI Group, for the CEO’s office, company boardroom, and training room.

“With Clevertouch interactive (displays) we eliminate cables, junction boxes and projector lamps. We use wireless systems to make presentations from any type of device, be it Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Chrome,” remarked Dácil de La Guardia, Clevertouch product manager in the Canary Islands.

The quality of technology innovation has been key. “The interface of the (interactive display) itself is incomparable. When we used a projector, there were always lighting problems, technical problems, and workers who got upset because it didn’t look good,” stated García. “This is over. The image is amazing, and the resolution is incredible.”

García also recognizes that besides the visual clarity, users also appreciate the touch interactivity when making presentations. “Before, (presentations) were done with a laptop and a pointer,” said García. “Now you can control the presentation directly on the screen with your fingers, or using the mouse, which is much more natural.”

Clevertouch UX Pro on a stand showing the Guagas home screen

A recent innovation with the Clevertouch interactive displays is its integrated Android operating system, which automatically updates as technology advances. Until a few years ago, all displays needed a computer to function. But Clevertouch pioneered the incorporation of Android on the display.

When it comes to videoconferencing, the advanced features and quality is key. García noted, “The image quality that we receive, and the output is amazing. It’s as simple as turning on the (display), turning the camera on and that’s it! You don’t even have to turn off the light."


The team at Guagas Municipales agree that handling the Clevertouch interactive display has been smooth. “After its installed, at first there’s a surprise factor and you wonder how difficult it will be to use it,” commented García. “But when you see that it is just a piece of equipment that has to be turned on, and that’s it, the surprise is greater!”

García further stated, “In the case of the Clevertouch interactive (display), a good product was chosen with a good supplier behind it, and consistent technical service.”

We look forward to hearing more about how Guagas Municipales uses Clevertouch interactive displays to enhance meetings.

“The supplier (CRI Group) made the training available to us from the first moment. If at any time a question arises, having the support of a serious and decisive provider like CRI Group gives me a lot of peace of mind.”

Pablo García


Clevertouch Technologies® thanks Charmex and CRI Group for providing Guagas Municipales the insight and support needed to make their work more efficient and effective.

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