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An Elementary School Innovates Classrooms to Support Its Vision for Learning

A future-forward school decided to incorporate interactive ProColor Flat Panel Displays to increase teacher and student engagement with successful results.

Installation Snapshot:

Boxlight ProColor
PreK through 5th grade
Title 1 School
Leader in the School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program
Home of the Petey’s Project playground, open to all children with disabilities in the county

“The reason we like Boxlight is due to the 5-year warranty, the one-on-one and group continuous training by Central Tech trainers, and the delivery, setup, and installation including necessary wiring”

Katrina Haley – Director of Technology at Warren County Schools

The Challenge

Hickory Creek Elementary School (Warren County Schools, McMinnville, TN) has a vision of motivating their students to “strive for academic excellence” so that they are empowered to “become productive members of society.” Principal Mike Mansfield and Katrina Haley, Director of Technology at Warren County Schools, understood that students are growing up with technology so to best serve their needs, as well as prepare them for the future, they looked for ed tech solutions that would engage both students and teachers. Speaking about Warren County classrooms, Haley shared, “We did have projectors in most of our rooms but students in the back of the rooms could not see the display very well.” It was time for a change.

About three years ago, Mansfield was looking at technology to possibly replace the short throw projectors currently in use at Hickory Creek. “With the cost of bulb replacements and other maintenance, oftentimes it was cheaper to buy a new projector so I was looking for an interactive-enhanced projector,” said Mansfield. “Katrina is very progressive and shared information on the Boxlight panels.”

“Teachers are figuring out how to make the Boxlight panels fit what they do. They’re sharing ideas and the possibilities of using the panels are spreading like wildfire.”

Mike Mansfield – Principal

Central Technologies was contacted who offered to loan a Boxlight ProColor interactive flat panel for the school conference room so that staff could see just what the panel could do. When a representative came to showcase the numerous features of the ProColor panel, Mansfield and Haley decided this solution was worth the investment. The package offered by Central Technologies, a Boxlight partner, was appealing. Stated Haley, “The reason we like Boxlight is due to the 5-year warranty, the one-on-one and group continuous training by Central Tech trainers, and the delivery, setup, and installation including necessary wiring.” Mansfield was convinced that the ProColor panels were the right choice for the school but because they could not initially purchase a panel for every classroom, they strategized a four-year plan starting with the kindergarten classes. Mansfield explained the rationale: "Historically when making these types of purchases, higher grades are first and we work our way back. We decided to start with Kindergarten and work our way up. This way, as these kindergarten students worked their way up through the grades, they would already be familiar with the panels and how they work." 

To introduce the ProColor panels to the Kindergarten teachers, there was a meeting to discuss how the panels had the potential to improve engagement. To ease any hesitation, Mansfield brought in some kindergarten students to model the panel’s interactive and simple-touse features. After seeing how easily young learners could navigate the tools and their engagement with the panels, teachers were eager to start using them in their classrooms.Hickory Creek started with 15 panels, outfitting all Kindergarten, 1st grade, and half of 2nd grade classrooms. Since then, all grades now have a ProColor panel, including Special Ed classrooms. There are now over 40 panels in the school

Key Solutions

Haley, who has helped orchestrate ProColor panels being used in multiple classrooms across Warren County Schools, describes the improved experience for teachers and students since the ProColor panels have been implemented. She commented: In some of our classrooms, we tried multiple projectors to make the display viewing better to everyone but were proven unsuccessful. The Boxlight panels are easily visible in a large room with different kinds of lighting. These panels offer so much more than what a projector provides, like software that includes curriculumrelated sources and increased student engagement in the classroom. What are some of the innovative features of the Boxlight ProColor? • 4K ultra-high definition LCD display that produces a clear and vivid picture so that activities, images, and web applications are bright and attractive • 20-touch point capabilities and simultaneous Touch 360° interactivity for 10 dual-touch and gestures for collaborative learning • MimioStudio™ classroom software which allows teachers to build and present unique interactive lessons quickly and simply to better meet the learning needs of the class • MimioMarket app store offers over 100 educational apps that are created to engage and motivate students, such as Coding, Math, Literacy, Science, stories, and games With any new technology, there is a learning curve, but Central Technologies has provided the initial and ongoing support needed. Mansfield said, “Central Tech trainers facilitated training in person. They have been a major, positive impact. They are available and reach out regularly to share new updates.”

While there is a difference in cost, Haley stated, “The cost of ordering bulbs and installing the projectors makes up for some of the added cost of the interactive panels.” Mansfield agreed, saying, “I strive to buy the best that I can because quality lasts longer. The initial expenditure of the panels lived up to expectations. They have clear 4K quality and audio, plus the built-in software is great.” Haley has also found that the panels can be utilized outside of the classroom – “Security is also a feature since messages can be sent out to all panels in the school.”


Overall, the ProColor panels have made a positive impact with Hickory Creek teachers and students. Mansfield has observed that teachers are “becoming more tech savvy” and is pleased that the panels are being used more than the projectors were. He also remarked that the panels have a longevity that the projectors did not. He shared, “The panels can be used over time – they evolve and grow. We have been impressed with the updates and I’ve seen how everyone can find their own ways to use the panels.” Mansfield feels that the choice to go with the Boxlight ProColor panel was the right one and others in the district are hearing and seeing what can be done. He commented, “Principals in the district have seen what our teachers and students are doing with the panels. The interest We want to thank our partner, Central Technologies, for introducing the Boxlight solution to Hickory Creek ES and Warren County Schools. Their ongoing support is valuable and appreciated. has grown! Even outside of the district, there is increasing interest and most districts have started the process of having panels in their schools.” Haley stated that the district has an investment goal for this dynamic ed tech solution – “Our goal is to purchase a panel for every auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, conference room, gym, and library in our district!”

We have purchased the panels in most every size, some on a cart to make them mobile, and some we chose to have Central Tech mount them to the wall.”

Katrina Haley – Director of Technology at Warren County Schools


We want to thank our partner, Central Technologies, for introducing the Boxlight solution to Hickory Creek ES and Warren County Schools. Their ongoing support is valuable and appreciated.

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