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The partnership with Boxlight has been transformative for Horizon Christian Academy

Horizon Christian Academy (HCA) has embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with Boxlight, revolutionizing its educational approach through the integration of cutting-edge technology.
Powered by the community-driven Believe Fund, this strategic initiative has brought Boxlight's technology solutions into the classrooms, shifting traditional learning models into dynamic, engaging, and interactive experiences that propel student participation and foster an environment of active learning.
Installation Snapshot:
  • Horizon Christian Academy is a Christian educational community committed to preparing students to be world changers.
  • Implemented solutions include MimioPro4 interactive displays, FrontRow Conductor and Juno audio technology, and customized training and support for HCA educators.

The Challenge

Horizon Christian Academy (Cumming, GA) was faced with the challenge of integrating interactive technology into its educational framework to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. The school aimed to go beyond traditional teaching methods, recognizing the importance of technology in preparing students for a future where digital proficiency is paramount. The goal was to find a solution that would not only support diverse learning styles but also align with HCA’s mission to provide a Christ-centered education.



Key Solutions

MimioPro4 Interactive Displays 
The implementation of the MimioPro4 interactive displays has transformed the classroom environment at HCA. These state-of-the-art tools have become the focal point for lessons, enabling teachers to deliver content in a more engaging and interactive manner. The displays support a variety of learning activities, from group discussions to individual projects, making every lesson an opportunity for students to actively participate and engage with the material. This approach has proven effective in catering to different learning preferences, ensuring that each student can benefit from a more personalized and interactive learning experience. 
Customized Training and Support for Teachers 
Recognizing the importance of teacher proficiency in leveraging new technology, Boxlight provided customized training and ongoing support to HCA’s faculty. This ensured that teachers could confidently utilize the interactive displays to their full potential, enhancing their teaching methods and enriching student learning experiences. The training sessions were designed to be hands-on, allowing teachers to explore the features of the technology and how they can be applied to various subjects and teaching styles.



The introduction of Boxlight technology at Horizon Christian Academy has led to significant educational benefits. The interactive displays have transformed traditional learning spaces into dynamic environments where students are no longer passive recipients of information, but active participants in the learning process. This shift has resulted in increased student engagement, improved understanding of complex concepts, and a more collaborative classroom atmosphere. Teachers have also benefited from technology, finding new and innovative ways to deliver content and assess student understanding. 
The impact of Boxlight’s solutions extends beyond the classroom, aligning with HCA’s mission to prepare students for a future characterized by technological advancement. By integrating these interactive tools into their education, students at HCA are not only becoming more engaged learners but are also developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors. 
Horizon Christian Academy's partnership with Boxlight is a testament to the school's commitment to embracing technology as a means of enhancing education and preparing students for success in a digital world.
As HCA continues to leverage Boxlight’s innovative solutions, it sets a new standard for educational excellence, demonstrating the power of technology to transform learning and equip students with the skills they need to be world changers. We eagerly anticipate the continued success of HCA’s students and faculty as they navigate this exciting technological landscape. 

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