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Interactive Displays Enhance Collaborative Spaces for Business Students

Ranked among the Top 100 universities in the world, Leeds University Business School delivers undergraduate, master's, MBA, PhD, executive, and professional education and online study to over 5000 students from approximately 100 countries

Installation Snapshot:

Clevertouch UX Pro

The Challenge

Leeds University Business School wanted to create a world-class specialist space that would meet the needs of all students in the Esther Simpson Building. This included equipping teaching and learning environments with state-of-the-art technology.

Tamsin Barrow, Facilities Manager in discussing the Esther Simpson building of Leeds University, stated, “We are a Business School, so we need to be at the forefront of teaching and research. This building was designed a few years ago and we needed to make sure the technology would still be relevant by the time it was built.”

Previously, the Business School was laid out so that teaching rooms were traditionally front-of-class style with a smaller collaboration room. To enhance teacher and student experiences, the school wanted to expand on this collaborative space with the new Esther Simpson building.

The Esther Simpson building, the ‘heart’ of the Business School, needed digitally rich teaching rooms to allow for internal and external participation, as well as an engagement space to facilitate both student and staff collaboration. Technology innovation would provide opportunities for the University to diversify how it delivers content through in-person instruction and hybrid learning programs. In addition, the technologically robust space would serve as a flagship for events, highlighting the unique student opportunities at Leeds and its specialized teaching facilities.

“The Esther Simpson Building is a very impressive, modern building for the university and a lot of thought has gone into the design from Tamsin and her team. I am delighted that the university has chosen the UX Pro as their interactive touch display in their teaching areas and lecture theatres. The displays allow multi-modal teaching to take place in several applications, encouraging easy collaboration. I’m looking forward to supporting staff on their use moving forward. A great install from Universal AV, too!”

Nick Barker, FE/HE Education Specialist Clevertouch Technologies


Universal AV was contracted as a consultant to identify the audio-visual solutions to be implemented. As part of this process, campuswide teaching standards and the collaborative teaching rooms already pioneered by the Business School were considered. This allowed for the consideration of solutions that would innovate while still being flexible for any future adjustments. These solutions included state-of-the-art UX Pro displays by Clevertouch® Technologies. The UX Pro is a powerful and feature-rich display that truly transforms any space for increased and improved interactivity and collaboration.


The UX Pro interactive displays (55”, 65”, 75”, and 86” - 54 displays in all) were installed in several education spaces including a 100- seat interactive room and Seminar Rooms. The UX Pro displays can be used by students for collaboration, and to showcase work for the class, enhancing discussions and overall engagement.

In addition, UX Pro displays were installed in the Gareth Jones Student Boardroom. This will enable students to host group meetings, practice their communication, presentation, and persuasion skills and simulate the setting of a corporate boardroom.

Design Objective Realized

The goal of the Business School’s digital refresh was to support teachers and students as they work to sharpen their skills for the corporate world. The innovative technology fully roots them in the digital environment that has become increasingly prevalent today. We expect to hear nothing but marvelous updates from Leeds University Business School.

We appreciate the planning and hard work conducted by Universal AV in supporting the Leeds University Business School undertaking. As a trusted partner of Clevertouch Technologies, we look forward to future collaborations.

Leeds University Collaboration Room

university collaboration room with UX Pros around the room on the walls

Leeds Univesity Lecturer Room

Small Clevertouch screen on a podium in a lecture theatre

Leeds University Presentation Space

Leeds University Presentation Space with UX Pros on the walls

“We have built an innovative flagship building fit for the future. The technology installed is flexible enough to adapt to our future needs. Universal AV worked with us to ensure that this was possible and met our needs every step of the way. Nothing was ever too much trouble before or during the installation. They have been fantastic to work with.”

Tamsin Barrows, Facilities Manager Leeds University Business School
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Technology used in this installation

Clevertouch UX Pro

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