A School Modernizes with Interactive Displays and Remote Management

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A School Modernizes with Interactive Displays and Remote Management

A thriving and successful academy founded on high expectations modernizes learning spaces with Clevertouch interactive displays and its remote management system.

Installation Snapshot:

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Quarrydale Academy, an ambitious secondary school (Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, UK), prides itself on the pursuit of excellence.

The Challenge

Quarrydale Academy, an ambitious secondary school (Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, UK), prides itself on the pursuit of excellence. “We want to encourage all learners to develop a love of learning and enable everyone to reach the highest standards of which they are capable,” stated Joanna Wells, Business Manager at Quarrydale Academy. “This includes academic success as well as excellence in sport, arts and culture. Students have to believe in themselves and strive for success.”

In alignment with that pursuit, the academy has undergone a significant upgrade of their audiovisual infrastructure to support teachers and learning. Wells commented, “As an educator, it is our job to ensure we have the correct equipment throughout the school to reach our high expectations and ensure that students can always achieve their best.”

Before the upgrades, Quarrydale had a mixture of audiovisual technology supporting students but wanted to standardize with one solution that offered them greater control. They also wanted a future-proof solution that could be used more effectively by teaching staff who previously experienced issues with existing technology thus halting its use.

Quarrydale turned to Roche Audio Visual, a Clevertouch Technologies® partner, to supply and install 57 Clevertouch interactive displays. “From the outset, Stafford Lund from Roche AV was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and he quickly established our needs during a face-to-face site visit to the Academy,” said Wells. “He also arranged an onsite demo of the (Clevertouch display) and software, which gave us a feel for the quality and functionality of the screen and software. Stafford was then on hand to answer any queries we had during the tendering process but was not pushy, which we liked.”

“We required the installation of the (interactive displays) to be turned around very quickly, and Roche AV not only delivered this but exceeded all expectations with speed and quality of their workmanship throughout the install.”

Joanna Wells, Business Manager Quarrydale Academy

Key Solutions

The staff and students at Quarrydale Academy are over the moon with their new Clevertouch interactive displays thanks to their:

Remote cloud-based management
IT departments and administrators can control Clevertouch technology from one place, saving time and effort for all staff. This includes any necessary updates and maintenance.

 Ease of use
Besides Super Glide Touch technology that makes writing on the touchscreen fluid and smooth, the user interface is simple to follow optimizing the teaching and learning experience.

Upfront payment model 
Investment in a Clevertouch interactive display means a comprehensive warranty without ongoing subscription charges. Save money over the life of the display!

Device sharing capabilities
Clevertouch displays can connect with up to 50 devices to share images, video, and audio directly to and from the display. The teacher can control what is shared and each display can show six screens simultaneously, increasing opportunities for class collaboration and enhancing active engagement. 

Clevertouch Technologies and Roche AV’s unrivaled support

Gareth Middleton, a former teacher, and Clevertouch Technologies Product Specialist, delivered onsite training to all Quarrydale staff, showing them the basics as well as tips and tricks for enhancing their interactive lessons. Middleton noticed how quickly the teachers opened up to what could be done in the classroom. He commented, “The staff were very receptive, keen, and blown away by the possibilities!”

After a second training on how to use Lynx to make presentations, Quarrydale staff was fully immersed in the Clevertouch interactive solutions. Middleton said, “I enjoyed my time at Quarrydale. I was impressed with the team’s drive and enthusiasm – everyone was really on board with the solution.” Middleton later helped staff learn how to live stream videos via the interactive displays. He continues to be on hand for any queries they may have with the solution.

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The Benefits

Quarrydale is absolutely thrilled with the investment in the Clevertouch interactive displays due to their quality, functionality, and ease of use. We eagerly anticipate more positive experiences from the Quarrydale teachers and students. Stafford Lund from Roche AV states, “Working with this ambitious school was great! They were keen to explore their options and find a solution that delivers both now and in the future. Clevertouch (technology) provides that, and the benefit of remote management and no ongoing costs makes their solutions simple for both the schools we work with and us.”

“The teachers of Quarrydale were highly receptive to all of the features of their new interactive touchscreens coupled with the presentation software I showed them. I know their students will benefit greatly from the engaging learning experiences their teachers can now create for them.”

Gareth Middleton, Product Specialist Clevertouch Technologies
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