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Promoting Blended Learning in Higher Ed

How the San Agustín de Bilbao Center for Higher Studies decided on interactive displays for their learning environments.


A special thank you to Charmex for helping San Agustín de Bilbao Center for Higher Studies integrate the Clevertouch interactive display solution.
Installation Snapshot:
Clevertouch IMPACT

The Challenge

The Centro de Estudios Superiores San Agustín wanted to ensure the safety of their teachers and students by moving towards a blended learning model for the 2020-21 school year. They wanted to provide quality instruction via the continuity of classes. They understood that blended learning model in a hybrid learning environment would guarantee sustained interaction between teachers and students. The goal is for students to attain good academic results while receiving superior support with their studies.

To fully innovate their classrooms, San Agustín Center installed sound bars, video conferencing cameras, and the Clevertouch IMPACT™ interactive touchscreen displays. The center feels that the IMPACT interactive displays provide an intuitive and collaborative experience

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Key Solutions

Specific features of the IMPACT interactive displays that boost engagement for both teachers and students. Specifically, the IMPACT displays have an infinite whiteboard — LYNX Whiteboard — with the ability to resize annotations and images so that the teacher never runs out of space. This also allows them to give free rein to their ideas. The interactive displays also facilitate agile and precise writing in two simultaneous colors, have passive pens which do not require batteries, differentiated stylus, and gesture input.

In addition, tools such as the stopwatch, timer, magnifying glass, and an integrated interactive voting function support greater involvement of students during class time. Work online is streamlined with integration to cloud accounts directly from the file explorer.

“We believe that the student’s experience will be much more satisfactory, generating greater involvement and use, not only with the online format but also in their own classrooms by changing the blackboard for a state-of-the-art interactive digital screen.”

José Luis Soler – director of the San Agustín Center for Higher Studies.


The San Agustín Center has found that the Clevertouch IMPACT interactive touchscreen displays offer an intuitive and collaborative experience with innovative features that free teachers from the limitations of restrictive traditional technology tools. They are impressed with the whiteboard handwriting and formula recognition, as well as the large variety of applications to combine work in person and online, fully supporting their move to blended learning. They have up to 17 teachers that can teach classes in a blended way; with the classroom capacity reduced to less than half, noncontact students can follow the lessons from home, without comprehension or visualization problems. We are excited about their continued use of the Clevertouch IMPACT interactive display for their move to blended learning.

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