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A Notable School in Spain Innovates Classrooms with Interactive Displays to Boost Interaction

A school with over 125 years of history continues to encourage collaborative learning with the multi-functional Clevertouch® IMPACT display

The Challenge

The San Vicente de Paúl School (Limpias, Cantabria, Spain) provides Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary education to the surrounding communities. The school has long been a proponent of using digital media to innovate learning experiences for their learners. Antonio Medina, Director of San Vicente de Paúl School, stated, “(We are) applying training and innovation in our educational work, emphasizing new technologies and languages.” The ongoing aim of this is to support students strengthening their skills. “(The intention is) that the students discover and enhance their physical, emotional, intellectual and attitudinal skills, assuming their own qualities and limitations,” added Medina.

San Vicente de Paúl School was always on the lookout for technology to innovate student learning. This is when Clevertouch Technologies’ solutions were introduced. According to Medina, “The (interactive displays) offer an intuitive and collaborative experience which adapts to the cooperative learning methodology with which teamwork is encouraged so that (teachers’) students acquire necessary skills.”

In addition to Cleverstore, the following features innovates what teachers can do and boosts student engagement:
  • LYNX Whiteboard is annotation and lesson planning software that maximizes collaboration opportunities. This cloud-based multi-device software permits teacher and students to search images, videos, and GIFs and drag-and-drop them directly onto the lesson, including content searched from Google.
  • Snowflake education software enables teachers to personalize instruction while making lessons relevant to students’ lives. The Snowflake technology also allows teachers to create zones for independent, personalized student work which not only meets students’ needs but boosts engagement and collaboration.
  • Super Glide Touch technology creates a fluid writing experience and is as smooth as writing on a whiteboard, without lag. The touchscreen can also differentiate between fingertouch, palm-erase, and stylus writing so there’s no need to change settings.

students using a Lynx whiteboard

Key Solutions

In its continuing endeavor to improve the teaching and learning experience through the use of new and cuttingedge technologies, San Vicente de Paúl invested in the Clevertouch IMPACT interactive displays. With the help of Clevertouch partner, Charmex AV Technology and distributor Elematica de Cantabria, IMPACT interactive displays were installed in some secondary classrooms. After an initial training on the basics of the interactive display, including practical examples and uses, the staff was ready to start.

Thus far, there has been positive feedback regarding the innovative features of the IMPACT displays such as helping teachers save time when planning classes because of the considerable number of resources and learning activities available with the display solution. Cleverstore, included free with the IMPACT, makes available hundreds of educational apps that are vetted and are aligned with key learning objectives.

    To better engage students during a lesson, while gauging comprehension, teachers have the ability to create real-time surveys directly in the LYNX Whiteboard which allows for single or multiple responses. In just a few minutes, teachers can create questions by going to the browser panel then selecting ‘Quiz.’ Students can either scan the QR code generated with their mobile devices or open the LYNX app from their laptop using a code to join. The multi-functional and innovative IMPACT interactive display features make them a welcome addition to any digital learning ecosystem.

    teacher using a Clevertouch IMPACT interactive display


    A few standout features that San Vicente de Paúl find benefit both teachers and students alike include: Math and science tools that encourage students to interact more fully in their learning, handwriting and mathematical formula recognition, enhancing instruction and collaboration during lessons, LYNX Whiteboard allows users to search the internet for content without having to exit the application, and access to the Snowflake Lesson Community where teachers from around the world can share their interactive lessons and games.

    Medina commented, “These (IMPACT interactive displays) stand out for their quality and versatility and are a useful comprehension solution for the modern classroom, as they incorporate high-precision technology and offer 4K resolution.”

    We are pleased with how much the San Vicente de Paúl School has leveraged the IMPACT interactive display technology its cutting-edge teacher and student tools and features to innovate its secondary classrooms. We anticipate increased interaction and engagement because of their advanced digital learning ecosystem.

    “Its multi-touch technology allows several users to interact with content on the screen simultaneously.”

    Antonio Medina – Director of San Vicente de Paúl School talking about the Clevertouch IMPACT interactive display


    Clevertouch Technologies appreciates the strong partnership of Charmex AV Technology and its distributor Elematica de Cantabria for their continued support of the San Vicente de Paúl School.

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