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This online teacher training consists of short videos providing detailed information on a specific aspect of Boxlight educational technology. 

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From object cloning to adding content to your lessons, these tutorials will get a teacher up and running easily and quickly. If you have five minutes and need a refresher or want to learn something new, take a look!

ProColor Series 3

ProColor 3 - Cloud connection and security thumbnail
ProColor 3 - New features in Note thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Operating the ProColor mobile stand thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using Microsoft 365 apps with ProColor 3 thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Using Microsoft Teams with ProColor3 thumbnail
ProColor 3 - Downloading software with MimioMarket thumbnail

Set-up Tutorials

MimioStudio Basics Tutorials

MimioMobile Tutorials

MimioMobile – Setting Up thumbnail
MimioMobile – Using the App thumbnail
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Further learning

Our Short Training Recordings provide online professional development for teachers, giving them the skills to successfully integrate technology into their curriculum.

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