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Grants Assistance Program

We are here to help you find and apply for funding opportunties that meet your needs. 

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Boxlight wants to bring you closer to technology solutions and services you need to help your district or school meet learning goals and increase achievement through our Grants Assistance Program (GAP).

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With a dedicated team headed by Dr. Don Gemeinhardt, an experienced and knowledgeable grants expert, explore funding opportunities and take the first step towards implementing high-quality and thoughtfully designed solutions - technology, STEM, professional development - in your school or district.

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Boxlight Solutions are Eligible for Educational Grants and Funding

The federal government has made over $190 billion available in funding to help meet student learning needs such as conducting activities to address the unique needs, providing supplemental learning, and purchasing education technology.

We understand that budget, time, and support play key roles in deciding which solutions will best suit your needs. We are here to help answer questions and apply for the funds you need.

10 Steps to Grant Success

Our specialists are here to help:

  • Building ROMs
  • Finding Grants
  • Creating Abstracts
  • Managing Roll Outs

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Have Questions?

View our Educational Funding Guide to help you identify your school/district's needs and the tools and resources to best meet them.

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