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Boxlight Teacher
Training Certifications

Certifications are the best way to make sure that teachers have the skills and knowledge needed for the successful implementation of technology tools in their classrooms.

K12 Training Topics

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All Boxlight teacher training certifications are designed in a way that gives teachers an opportunity to practice new skills and learn how to engage students with purpose.

We provide certifications for MimioStudio™, and OKTOPUS software, Labdisc portable STEM lab & Microsoft Innovative Educators.
There are three levels of certifications –
all are available for online, blended,
or face-to face learning.
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Certifies knowledge of the core skills needed to use Boxlight solutions comfortably and confidently in a K-12 classroom.

Time: About 6 hours
Audience: Teachers who want an introduction to enhancing the learning environment with Boxlight solutions.
Content: Navigation and Basic Tools | Adding and Saving Content | Basic Formatting, Gallery | Using Pre-Existing Materials | MimioConnect™
Educator self-paced online courses 

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Certifies a strong knowledge of Boxlight solutions and their various implementations in the classroom.

Time: About 14 hours
Audience: Teachers who are Certified MimioStudio Educators and are interested in learning more about using the full line of Boxlight solutions in their classrooms.
Content: Advanced Formatting | Gallery Customization | Additional Tools | MimioMobile™ |  Gradebook

Expert self-paced online courses 

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Certifies readiness to provide high-quality, engaging, and interactive training to teachers on Boxlight solutions.

Time: About 18 hours
Audience: Teachers who have already been using MimioStudio software successfully in their classrooms, are Certified MimioStudio Experts, and interested in training other educators.
Content: Developing and Delivering Engaging Workshops to Adult Learners | Adapting Materials to Increase Relevance |  Pre- and Post-Session Follow-Ups | Facilitating Large GrouP, Small Group, PLCs, and Individual Sessions | Collaboration Tools and Techniques
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Certifies readiness to provide high-quality, engaging, and interactive training to teachers on Labdisc solutions.

Time: About 10 hours
Audience: Teachers who are interested in providing training on the Labdisc portable STEM lab to other educators.
Content: Exploring all features of the Labdisc series, Learning principles of high-quality training for Labdisc, Adapting materials to increase relevance

Oktopus educator

Certifies knowledge of the essential skills needed to use OKTOPUS software comfortably and confidently in a K-12 classroom.

Time: 5 hours
Audience: Teachers who are beginning to implement OKTOPUS into instructional practice for the benefit of K-12 students.
Content: Navigate main areas of OKTOPUS and toolbars, Learn basic formatting functions, settings, and actions to insert various types of content, Use Glass Mode with various types of media content | Create and facilitate polling and collaborative lessons | Insert and modify existing file types for use in OKTOPUS | Search, download, and deliver OKTOPUS lessons
OKTOPUS Educator self-paced online courses 
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Certifies educators on Microsoft Office 365 tools to empower students to achieve more.

Time: 8 hours
Audience: Teachers who are interested in learning more about Microsoft’s latest tools and resources.
Content: Immersive deep dive into such tools as OneNote, Teams, Forms, and Sway, Maximizing use of Windows 10

Unmatched Instructors and Resources

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All online courses include a variety of high-quality training materials such as videos, activities, quizzes, and example lessons. In the case of instructor-led online courses, the participants stay in regular contact with the course instructor, get valuable feedback, and are given suggestions for further skills and lesson development. 

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We use an online learning platform for these courses, but there is an opportunity for customization through one of our preferred educational solutions (Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams) for programs on a larger scale.

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Face-to-face and virtual certification workshops are hands-on, interactive sessions where teachers can learn how to use classroom software, get inspired by the instructor and other participants, and work on specific materials that can be used in their classrooms.

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