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Virtual and In-Person PD for Teachers

For our virtual and in-person training, we offer dozens of topics that help teachers integrate specific technology tools with instructional practices. 

K12-Training Topics

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Our rich portfolio of workshops is divided into five areas: Teaching and Learning with Technology, Boxlight Solutions, Microsoft Education, G Suite for Education, and Custom topics.

Get the Most Out of Your Training

We provide engaging professional development for teachers to ensure that every student benefit from the technology, tools, and software available in their classrooms. We go far beyond the basics, focusing on how to use these features for teaching and learning.

Districts and schools can customize the training experience and purchase training in packs of 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 50-day increments to meet your training needs.

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Teaching and Learning with Technology

Build a robust training program using Google Workspace OR Microsoft 365 features and tools to facilitate instruction in any learning environment – traditional, blended, flipped, or remote. Our facilitator-led sessions provide an opportunity to explore and interact with a variety of education technology tools and platforms. Sessions introduce the topic tools and provide guidance in best practices and applications for teaching and learning with technology.  

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Boxlight Solutions

With our Boxlight sessions, you can learn the basics or become an expert in using your Interactive Flat Panel Display, MimioStudio software and hardware, MimioConnect, OKTOPUS, and/or mimioSTEM solutions. Learn how to create engaging lessons, give “just-in-time” feedback to students, enhance student collaboration, create formative assessments, and more.

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Microsoft Classrooms

In our Microsoft Classroom trainings, you will learn how to integrate Microsoft 365 tools into your daily curriculum or become certified as a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE). The sessions allow for teachers to build confidence in using Microsoft 365, learn to adjust content relevant for different grade bands and subject areas, and scaffold applications of this technology to meet instructional priorities.

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Google Classrooms

With our G Suite in the Classroom sessions, you can learn how to use the wide range of Google solutions—including Slides, Docs, Sites, Google Classroom, and more. Our sessions train your educators on tools for teachers and students and can be tailored to any level.

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Our custom workshops give you the opportunity to tailor topics to your school or district’s needs. In addition, the sessions can be specific to the technology your teachers use every day in any learning environment, including their LMS. Whether it is virtual reality in the classroom or blended learning, we have you covered.

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