Solutions for Higher Education

Boxlight advanced AV solutions help lecturers and teaching professionals to deliver educational excellence. Our immersive learning technology transforms a lesson into an adventure, teaching into an experience, and information into tangible journeys that students can engage with and understand. Digital, interactive classrooms are the lecture theatres of the future, and Boxlight is proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

Interactive Displays

Interactive teaching allows the educators of today to deliver so much more than knowledge; it enables students to hear, see, and experience lesson topics to truly understand what is being taught.

Smart interactive touchscreen systems designed by teachers, for teachers. Usage is not restricted to the lecture hall, but is a dynamic and flexible solution accessible from anywhere. This empowers distance learning students to participate from home, allowing students to collaborate and share groundbreaking ideas seamlessly and allow remote learning course recipients to receive the same experience as those at the front of the classroom.

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Group of students in a meeting looking at a screen

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an efficient way to communicate with faculty members and the student body with ease. Our digital signage software and hardware work together seamlessly to deliver key messages, important updates, and instructions via high-quality, vibrant screens positioned throughout your campus.

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Large three storey lobby area with large CM Pro digital signage


Bring your people together, wherever they might be, with high-quality graphics, audio, and text, all delivered straight to their preferred device.

Our Digital Ecosystem contains the next generation in collaborative software, seamlessly connecting administrators, staff and students.

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