Training Solutions for Google Workspace

Elevate your skills and knowledge to become a Google Certified Educator. Our EOS Education accelerated courses allow you to learn at your own pace and prepare you for the exam when you’re ready.

Google Certification included with MimioPro G & Impact Lux Displays

Our EOS Education team has developed online courses to help teachers gain their Tier 1 Google Certification at no cost with the purchase of MimioPro G or Impact Lux. Use a voucher code to complete the Google exams.

Level 1 Certified Educator

Level 2 Certified Educator


EOS Education
(Training by Boxlight)


How it Works

With Google Educator Courses, you can learn at your own pace through a series of online courses to become a Google Certified Educator.

Free training with MimioPro G
Don’t miss out on your free vouchers with every purchase of a MimioPro G touchscreen.

What does Tier 1 include?

Google Educator Prep Course Level 1

Course length: 6 hours
Certification: Google Level 1 Certified Educator Certificate

Google Educator
Prep Course Level 2

Course length: 3 hours
Certification: Google Level 2 Certified Educator Certificate

Great Resources

- Easy-to-follow bite-sized modules
- Personalized navigation
- Short skills assessment to self-check knowledge

Want to learn more?

We also offer Tier 2 and Tier 3 Google Certified training

Tier 2

Course Length: 7 Hours

- Platform Essentials for Google Workspace 
- Transition Essentials to Google Management Tools
- Boxlight Administrator Course

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Tier 3

Course Length: 24+ Hours

- Google Coach Certification Program
- Train the Trainer Program
- Voucher for the trainer skills assessment
- Google Trainer Certification

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