Upgrade Your Learning Environment with the Ultimate Package

MimioPro 4 & Frontrow Juno

Are you looking for a game-changing educational experience at a price that’s hard to resist?

Look no further. We've bundled the MimioPro 4 Interactive Display and the Frontrow Juno Classroom Audio system just for you. These cutting-edge technologies work seamlessly together to empower educators and engage students like never before.

MimioPro 4 Interactive Display

Imagine a classroom where learning becomes a captivating and collaborative journey.
The MimioPro 4 Interactive Display turns this vision into reality. With its sleek LCD Android display, this interactive marvel takes your educational technology to the next level.
Get ready to foster a learning environment that encourages active participation from every student.

Frontrow Juno Classroom Audio

Say goodbye to the days of strained ears and missed words.
Frontrow Juno brings unparalleled sound quality to your classroom. It's simple to set up and fills your learning space with rich, multi-layered stereo sound.
And that's not all—Juno's smart digital platform offers innovative features like automated lesson capture and voice-command control.

Your Exclusive Offer

Don't miss out on this limited-time package:


65” Special Price:
$2,500.00 (49% off MSRP)
Order SKU: BOXLIGHT-2023-65

75” Special Price:
$3,000.00 (48% off MSRP)
Order SKU: BOXLIGHT-2023-75


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