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All-In-One Intelligent LED Display

Enrich your classrooms, entrances, hallways, office spaces and more with a vibrant Android digital display. The MimioWall is a complete solution that includes built-in speakers, screen sharing, and smooth content management.

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Vivid Displays for all Spaces

MimioWall is a perfect digital display solution made to fit in any space. Available in 9 different sizes (120”- 299”), including ultra-wide screen options. Make presenting an exceptional AV experience. 
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Featuring All-in-One Design

  • Integrated design with no external devices.

  • Built-in Android System.

  • Revolutionary 3-in-1 board that integrates a power supply, a receiving card, and a hub board.

  • Unified hardware and software technical support and service.

Interactive Lessons with Increased Engagement

Realtime wireless screen-sharing from up to 4 devices simultaneously. Synchronized annotating from multiple devices. Interact with MimioWall via smartphones and tablet computers.

Deliver Simplicity and Efficiency

Monitor functions with the remote control. Plug and play system, one button to turn on/off. Smart remote control to access settings.

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CleverLive Digital Signage Software

Use the award-winning online platform to manage and deliver alerts and announcements campus wide.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our Displays are award-winning solutions that increase engagement and learning.
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We have a wide selection of guides and tip sheets to help you get up and running with your MimioDisplay in no time.

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