teacher helping students use a mimio touchboard with purple banner saying 'mimio by boxlight' at the bottom

Touch Boards

A touch board is a collaborative board that can also serve as a conventional dry erase board.

Touch technology designed for real classroom use


An interactive touch board that offers collaborative learning and an unprecedented touch experience. With 10-point Touch 360° interactivity, up to ten students can work together simultaneously at this easy-to-install interactive whiteboard. Their control and touch experience will remain uninterrupted, no matter where they work on the board. Whether you choose the 78 in. (available as 4:3 or 16:10) or the 87 in. (16:10)  model, you get a projection-optimized touch board with an erasable surface. That means your touch board can also be used as a conventional whiteboard.

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    teacher helpping student use Mimio frame with 'mimio' in the bottom left corner


    Turn your conventional whiteboard into a touch board in 5 minutes using your existing classroom whiteboard, projector, and computer. The MimioFrame touch board kit allows a teacher and multiple students to work together with 10-point Touch 360° interactivity. 

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    Donald McKay School: Teachers find Mimio Technologies easy to implement and Use, and Highly Effective as Instructional Tools

    Recognizing the challenges of engaging today’s students in learning, Boston Public Schools’ central district office asked Jordan Weymer, the principal at Donald McKay School in East Boston, to pilot a selection of Mimio interactive technologies.

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