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An Award-Winning University Implements Clevertouch® Interactive Displays

Cardiff Metropolitan University invested in Clevertouch IMPACT Plus displays to support modern learning and to engage students

Installation Snapshot:

Clevertouch IMPACT Plus

The Challenge

Cardiff Metropolitan University, which traces its history back to 1865 with the opening of its School of Art, is “committed to ensuring that every student fulfills their potential to make outstanding graduate-level contributions to their own and future generations.”

To support modern learning and teaching, Cardiff Met decided to equip their teaching spaces with technology to ensure instructors and students had what they needed to stay actively engaged.

As an award-winning institution for higher education, the university wanted to utilize technology that actively engages students and supports their learning.

Previously, Cardiff Met audio-visual technology included a standard 4:3 projected image onto a screen that was lowered from the ceiling and connected to a tutor PC in the room. The low-quality images projected did not have the innovative feel to create interactive learning environments. It was also necessary to have a VGA for a laptop connected to the projector. This was inefficient and most external devices no longer have a VGA connection. To complete the aging technology set up, rooms had a handful of ceiling mounted speakers.

Key Solutions

When Cardiff Met decision-makers were introduced to the IMPACT Plus™ interactive display by Clevertouch® Technologies, they could see how the state-of-the-art features and tools of the IMPACT Plus could empower teachers to engage their audience and maximize the learning experience. Features of the IMPACT Plus interactive display that can optimize what can be done in the classroom include:

Cardiff University Corridors

a IMPACT Plus on a brick wall

Cardiff University Teaching Labs

Clevertouch IMPACT Plus on the wall in an IT room

Cardiff University Teaching Labs

a IMPACT Plus on a wall in the learning-lab

“We wanted to provide high-resolution displays that are visible by all potential users of a space, ensuring they remain accessible and provide a level of interactivity.” 

Hollie Carter, IT Advisor Cardiff Metropolitan University

Standout feature

Super Glide Touch technology provides users the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen, and can differentiate between palm-erase, finger touch, and stylus-writing

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students using lynx-whiteboard
teacher using interactive display to explain shapes

Standout feature

Quick Launch Menu so that users can easily access commonly used apps with one touch, helping to keep presentations and class discussions flowing smoothly

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“We wanted to provide high-resolution displays that are visible by all potential users of a space, ensuring they remain accessible and provide a level of interactivity”

Hollie Carter, IT Advisor (AV Liason, IT Advisor (AV Liason

The Benefits

Since the installation of Clevertouch IMPACT Plus displays, Cardiff Met has benefited from how easy it is to use this feature-rich interactive technology. Users are also pleased that devices can connect to the displays wirelessly, enhancing the interactive learning experience. We are more than pleased that this award-winning university trusted Clevertouch Technologies, a Boxlight brand, to innovate its learning spaces. 

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