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Denver Public Schools (DPS), the largest urban district in Colorado, places a strong emphasis on introducing students to diverse careers and helping them cultivate their career identities.

Installation Snapshot:
Vision: Every Learner Thrives
207 schools
89,000+ students
4,780 classroom teachers
10,177 full-time employees
Spark Early Career Exploration Program offered at 15 DPS schools

The Challenge

Denver Public Schools (DPS), the largest urban district in Colorado, places a strong emphasis on introducing students to diverse careers and helping them cultivate their career identities. To support this objective, they have implemented the Spark Early Career Exploration Program. “The work of developing career identities for our students is really important to us so that they can plan and chart their futures and get careers that sustain them and their families,” stated Olivia Barraza Kee, Senior Manager of DPS Spark.



Key Solutions

DPS Spark connects students with local businesses, fostering career exploration. It also provides a rich online resource library for classroom-friendly activities and lessons. Boxlight's MimioSTEM solutions, a highly recommended suite of STEM education tools and products, have played a pivotal role in achieving this goal. The district's commitment to providing holistic educational experiences aligns seamlessly with Boxlight's vision of leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes. 
At the core of this collaboration are three indispensable tools—the versatile Robo E3 3D printers, the engaging MyBot Robots, and the interactive-Labdisc all-in-one science labs. These cutting-edge technologies have not only captivated the students' imagination but have also become catalysts for hands-on, immersive learning. The district recognizes the importance of making career exploration enjoyable for elementary and middle schoolers, and MimioSTEM solutions facilitate this by turning activities into exciting learning experiences. The MyStemKits lesson plans are carefully curated to not only educate but also make learning a source of enjoyment.  
One standout project orchestrated by the district involved third graders participating in sailboat races with 3D printed boats and sails of their own design. With the support of engineers volunteering their time, students learned valuable lessons in engineering principles, resilience, and the iterative nature of design. “That was a really good opportunity for even young kids to see engineering principles at work and how you don’t always get it right the first time,” commented Laura Eley, Elementary Specialist for DPS Spark. This hands-on project exemplifies the commitment of both DPS Spark and Boxlight to providing students with not just theoretical knowledge but tangible experiences that prepare them for the future. 
The integration of the Mimio MyBot robotics system into the educational toolkit further demonstrates the commitment to connecting technology with career exploration. By working through the trial and error of creating codes for their robots, students learn that failure is a natural part of the learning process. The fun, interactive nature of the robot encourages them to persevere and improve. 



The collaboration between Boxlight and Denver Public Schools has resulted in a transformative educational experience. MimioSTEM solutions have not only introduced students to innovative technologies but have also fostered a spirit of exploration, creativity, and resilience.

As we look ahead, this partnership continues to be a beacon of innovation in education, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the future.

Watch this video on how the Denver Public Schools Spark Early Exploration Program implements our award-winning MimioSTEM solutions.

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