Koetjies & Kalfies Kleuterskool, Centurion, South Africa

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Interactive Displays Help Young Students Learn to Be Tech-Savvy

A preschool in South Africa implements interactive display technology to boost learning and tech skills.

Installation Snapshot:

Clevertouch IMPACT Plus

Clevertouch IMPACT ​​​​​​​

The Challenge

Cows & Calves Preschool (Koetjies & Kalfies Kleuterskool, Centurion, South Africa) encourages their students to “learn and explore the world in which they live through discovery.” This includes integrating technology that enhances the learning experience for their young students. Because of their small class sizes, each student receives personal attention ensuring that individual needs can be met in dynamic and innovative ways.

With the help of The Smart Idea Group and Interactive AV Solutions, Cows & Calves Preschool invested in Clevertouch® interactive displays. More schools have implemented interactive displays in their learning environments because of their state-of-the-art features that are teacher- and student-friendly. The Cows & Calves community was no exception. “We invested in Clevertouch (interactive displays) in our classrooms as a teaching aid to assist children to broaden their knowledge and be techno smart,” stated Anell Harper, Principal of Cows & Calves Preschool

Children are born tech-savvy. The Clevertouch interactive display brings learning to life and acts as an additional teaching aid.

Key Solutions

Key foundations of the school’s educational mission are encouraging their students to learn and explore the world through discovery, as well as learning to share and show respect for one another. The Clevertouch interactive display help teachers boost class collaboration and nurture teamwork via built-in apps such as Lynx and Snowflake.

Standout feature

High-precision Super Glide Touch technology gives a fluid writing experience that can differentiate between stylus, fingertouch, and palm-erase.

students using lynx-whiteboard
teacher using interactive display to explain shapes

Standout feature

Cloud-based LYNX Whiteboard helps teachers create dynamic activities and presentations from multiple sources, giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.

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Standout feature

Cleverstore gives teachers access to hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons engaging, from early language and reading to coding and programming.

Students using an app from the Cleverstore

“We invested in Clevertouch (interactive displays) in our classrooms as a teaching aid to assist children to broaden their knowledge and be techno smart.”

Anell Harper, Principal Koetjies & Kalfies Kleuterskool

The Benefits

The implementation of the interactive displays has had a positive impact on student learning. Harper commented, “We have found the interactive (displays) to be beneficial in developing hand coordination, midline crossing, and problem-solving skills.”

They have also noted the favorable reaction of parents. Harper observed, “Our parents are extremely happy with the technology being introduced into the classrooms (because) it sets us apart from other preschools.”

We are thrilled that the educators, students, and parents all enjoy using the Clevertouch interactive displays to boost learning, engagement, and collaboration. We anticipate more positive experiences coming from this innovative school!

How do the Cows & Calves teachers feel about their new Clevertouch interactive displays? “We have found the Clevertouch interactive (displays) user friendly and are being used as an additional source of information regarding our weekly themes,” said Harper.

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The technology used in this installation

Clevertouch Interactive Displays



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