Mimio Connected Classroom

With turnkey solutions that can easily fit within your current tech ecosystem, the Mimio Connected Classroom will empower teachers and students alike to go beyond the traditional.

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Curiosities are ignited, teamwork thrives,
and futures take flight

Inside the Connected Classroom is where the doors to collaboration and critical thinking are blown open, the digital divide narrows and where bridges are built to connect people with potential and passion with purpose. The Connected Classroom is a place where Mimio and teaching professionals come together to illuminate human possibilities and bring more power to knowledge.

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The Mimio Connected Classroom is in a class of its own

We are transforming the educational experience and taking learning to the next level. Explore what the classroom can be through customizable plug-and-play technologies, award-winning course designs, and data-driven assessments.

Benefits of the Mimio Connected Classroom

Creating your perfect classroom!

Choosing from our suite of solutions
designed for a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

From Interactive Flat Panel Displays to Touch Boards and Portable Interactive Whiteboards, choose the display technology that fits your budget and needs. 


A collection of educational apps and software designed to make teaching easier and learning more fun.

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Audio, Video, and Communication Solutions that help create successful classrooms and safer schools.

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Open the door to inquiry-based learning and help students connect and engage with science from wherever they are.

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Training solutions that help ensure successful technology integration, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and improved outcomes.

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The future of education

The Mimio Connected Classroom is the future of education, and now is the time to grasp it.

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